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How to Lose Weight on the Metabooster Weight Loss Diet - wikiHow

How to Lose Weight on the Metabooster Weight Loss Diet - wiki

How to Lose Weight on the Metabooster Weight Loss Diet

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On The MetaBooster Weight Loss Diet you can lose weight fast. Lose up to 12lbs and 2 dress sizes in 14 days. The MetaBooster Weight Loss Diet is based of low-carb GI foods, lean proteins and healthy fats and is so tasty you can follow it for life.


  1. Eat Lean Protein & Low-Carb GI Foods. The MetaBooster Weight Loss Diet is a combination of lean portions of protein, low-carb Glycemic Index foods and health fats.
  2. Lose Weight Fast. To lose weight fast on The MetaBooster Weight Loss Diet you have to follow its two part program. The first part, is the Carb Wipe Out and the second is The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet.
  3. The Carb Wipe Out. Is the initial stage, which you follow for the first 7 days of the diet. The aim of this stage of the diet is to help remove any craving for the high gycemic index foods you may have.
  4. High GI foods are ones that spike your blood sugar to rise TOO FAST, so that your body stores them as fat because they ARE NOT burned as energy. You know, food and drink like white bread, processed pasta, fries, rice, burgers, fried foods, pastries, cookies, chips, sweets, chocolate and sodas.
  5. The Carb Wipe Out is made up of a healthy combination of protein, and low-carb GI foods. You will enjoy tasty morsels such as spanish omlettes, bacon wrapped mushrooms, Chilli Con Carne, Mariner's Fish Pie, peppered steaks, etc. The Carb Wipe Out has lots of recipes so that the 7 days is enjoyable.
  6. The MetaBooster Weight Loss Diet. The second stage of the weight loss diet is the MetaBooster plan. This is when you will be able to introduce and eat more carbs. These will be low-carb GI foods.
  7. Low GI carbs help to keep blood sugar levels balanced, are slowly digested, and boosts energy levels, and of course helps you lose weight. These low-carb GI foods are not refined or processed, but are wholesome and nutrious so that you feel satisfied longer.
  8. You will be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, and believe me when I say you will be eating in some style, and the weight loss you experience is phenomenal because the combination of lean protein and low GI foods, that not only burns fat but helps you to lose weight fast, and keep it off.

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